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Social Media Marketing

What We Are

The Press Factor LLC is a Social Media Marketing Agency designed to help small to medium-sized businesses expand their customer base through Social Media Marketing, Web Design, SEO, and Digital Advertising. With so many ways to market a company, it is important to choose the experts with Press Factor LLC who take pride in delivering results and providing first-class customer service.

Alexander Press, President

ALEX PRESS, President

Alex Press is a public relations expert and experienced writer who has developed content for brands throughout the world. He is particularly skilled at creating results-driven marketing campaigns, and has also written for several popular blogs, daily and weekly newspapers and numerous magazines.

"We have created services, products, and means of understanding by simply reaching out to individual customers and clients online. If you are not willing to communicate with your audience, you are not willing to maximize your action." 

Core Team

Humberto Luongo, Director of Sales


 Humberto Luongo, was born and raise in Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela. Humberto became an accountant in 2010 and received his Masters in Business Administration in 2012. Since he came to the United Stated he was a sales representative at south Dade Toyota, and earned credits to become a financial advisor. He has always had a passion for marketing and increased sales drastically at every position he was at due to his networking and social media presence.


"Helping people to improve their life is what brings me happiness. Since I was a child I always felt a responsibility of helping and serving others."

He is a big fan of martial arts and was a part of the Venezuela National Team for Karate Shotokan, where he won 2010 in Sao Paulo, Brazil and 2013 in Argentina , both Panamerican competitions.

Social Media Marketing

SKYLAR WINEPOL, SEO Marketing Director

An SEO Expert, Published Writer, and Digital Marketing Consultant with 6+ years of professional experience, Skylar Winepol understands the importance of online marketing and has established 5-star services for companies seeking Search Engine Optimization campaigns. Skylar’s established company, Incredible Foresight is designed to expand your businesses online customer reach and overall profit by utilizing on-page and off page strategies.

“SEO is not a cost - it is an investment. By lifting your rank to the first page of Google, SEO can provide a massive return on your investment. You’re coming out ahead.” - Skylar



ALEX POP, SEO Journalist


Alex Pop is a digital strategist transforming the way brands interact with audiences through content. He is adept at working against deadlines to write blog articles that inform users and satisfy the Google algorithm. He enjoys nature, mountains, and thick forests you can get lost in.

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