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Hoping people find your page on Instagram is like sending a message in a bottle

Instagram grew enormously in importance again last year. The word influencer marketing should not have passed by anyone who is halfway involved in online marketing.

However, unlike other sites, Instagram has an even more significant advantage for its marketing: users cannot block direct messages here yet. It is perhaps the best platform for networking and business development at the moment.

How does it work? Follow this step-by-step guide and get the most out of Instagram.

What Exactly Does That Have To Do With Instagram?

The potential of the platform is simply not being used appropriately, and that is an excellent opportunity. Because on Instagram, if you are a bit persistent, you can connect with every user in the world and build a (business) relationship.

Be it the shop around the corner or an influencer with a huge entourage. What matters is that you first build a network and only then think about selling certain products.

Send Direct Messages For Getting Leads

The Instagram Direct Message option helps to establish direct contact with the potential customer. To do this, open Instagram and click on the three small dots in the upper right corner of a person's account. Select "Send message" and send your individually customized direct message to the Instagram user.

Don't buckle if you get a negative answer first, or if you might not get an answer at all. Even if you only get a positive response after a hundred direct messages, don't give up - this is entirely normal! But once the ball starts rolling, it rarely misses the target.

The bottom line is getting a foot in the customer's door. Then, it opens more easily. But be careful: if the door is open, you have to deliver!

You must invest time every day to write to potential accounts. Don't stop after 10 tries to wait for the answers, then make another 10 profiles. Or 100. Or 300. No!

Instagram offers new opportunities

Some will surely wonder why the "direct message" on Instagram should be so great. Isn't it just writing messages to someone else? Yes, but also no. Let's travel a bit back to the nineties when the first emails were sent.

Wasn't that just an electronic letter? But what happened back then? Email marketing went through the roof, and those who got involved early enough could make big profits.

It was precisely the same at the beginning of the millennium age when, due to various "bloggers", the first individual online magazines were created, they were tailored precisely to the needs of the customer. At the time, the top of the business knew very well how to use this new opportunity to target advertising.

Instagram can functions similarly today, because everyone is happy about all personal words, regardless of the status of micro blogger or influencer. If you have made yourself sympathetic to the direct message, a positive effect will affect you and your business. Press Factor Can help you with your Instagram marketing. Contact us today before your competitor does!

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