What is artificial intelligence and What it is For?

AI for Marketing and More

The future has arrived and what we used to see in movies today is a reality. To stay up to date with technology, it is essential to know what Artificial Intelligence is and what it is for.

Until recently, we believed that a machine could only respond to basic functions, but we did not have this important advance.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

It is a branch of technology that is responsible for analyzing computational models that simulate human reasoning and behavior. A machine is considered to be intelligent when it has enough flexibility to perceive the environment. The cognitive characteristics added to a computer are what determine AI, that is how they can perceive, learn, reason and even solve problems.

Increasingly, the technology market has become demanding, facilitating tasks for the user in a simple way is one of the premises of Artificial Intelligence. A few years ago, conventional systems focused on character recognition.

The most common examples of Artificial Intelligence are controlled systems, automatic planning, recognition of writing, speech and patterns. Significant sectors of the economy making use of these processes to facilitate work in economics, engineering, medicine, transportation, communications, and entertainment software.

What Problems Can AI Solve?

AI represents a breakthrough. The most complicated procedures can be solved in no time with your help. Robotics has been the branch that has made the most use of this technology. Other applications have been flattering in the following fields:


Intelligent behavior in the area of ​​medicine has been flattering, especially in diagnostics. In fact, reliable results in skin cancer studies are done through a neural network. The system is based on a dermoscopic scan that can alert the appearance of diseases. The expectations are to extend the features to cellular devices, wi