The difference between video home tours vs. normal photos

Nowadays, due to the unprecedented crisis, more and more people have self-quarantined themselves in their homes, so the real estate marketing agents are offering video home tours and beautiful photos to residential home buyers and sellers.

But as the advancement of technology comes in terms of both smartphone and those of DSLR cameras, the real estate cinematography will continue to be a crucial part of real estate advertising campaign. But the technological innovation never ends. Amazing real estate photos are only part of a successful marketing strategy for sellers and buyers. But the future is in 3D virtual Florida Keys video tours.

However, most of the potential home buyers who are interested in purchasing a house demand a video home tour rather than normal photos. Unfortunately, many real estate agents are not aware of the differences between normal photos and video home tours.

Do you know how Florida Keys video home tours are different and better from normal photos? Here is how each of these differs from one another and help you get new rentals.

Video Home Tours:

As the Florida Keys video technology is progressing at a fast rate. In a recent survey, real estate agents tell that being in lockdown 80 percent of the home buyers demand Florida Keys video home tours. A video home tour is a motion video that showcases a home; you can find one on YouTube.

No doubt, Video marketing is the best marketing strategy for real estate marketing agents as it helps to highlight the versatile features and the beauty of homes. Florida Keys video home tours engage buyers and sellers, which help grow traffic online and generate revenues.

Video Home tours Vs. Normal Photos