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5 Point Checklist For Your SEO Campaign

A Five Point Checklist For Your SEO Campaign - No rankings in search results for example, one of your keywords is too uncommon or important or another geographical search term is pulled up then you need to re-capture your keywords at the keyword research and development stage. This entry examines the 5 points to be considered in keyword research. Once you give keywords a decent search engine ranking then there is a much greater chance of a visitor visiting your website, or maybe they are just there to browse. If you consider these 5 points then you will at least get enough information to start re-writing or expanding on your original phrase to give you greater search engine ranking and visitor numbers for both your website (which will help your overall ranking) and your competitors (which may help you with small local searches) and also to improve the user experience for the user. So check out the 5 points:

1. Google Suggestion Advice

As you research keywords, you will be seeing the words/phrases that Google is suggesting as "hot words" which are usually the first words your target customers have typed in. Now leave off the words/phrases which you don't want to use. Amazingly, Google writes Google Suggest - much like you are actually speaking Google, and you see at the bottom in bold the words you have searched for. From this list you choose the biggest list of hot words and the smaller, more specific search phrases which may be from 10 to 50 words. That is why it is better to have keywords that are short 2 words.

So there you have a list of the best (about 10 - 50) keywords for your niche. You need to check out a few other factors to make sure the words will help get your customers what they are looking for, or better still what they want.

2. Number of SearchesWith Google, the search volume changes as you move down the page and along the civilization W selected started with.1-click is where a searcher does the search. There then is 1 click and then 0 clicks, and 1 day, 7 days, 1 year, 5 months, 12 months, 30 days. You need to check out the Google search history reports and sometimes a small 0-click keywords in a niche is not worth much.

3. Keyword Record Without considering Algorithm ChangesYou have to get your keywords to form part of the web page or description of the website further down in positioning guarantees this sort of wrong. Google likes normal flow, but if you have too few keywords on your website then they may hold back and you can get a warning saying the keyword record is not enough.

So it is not easy to add new keyword phrases without having duplicate content of your primary keyword phrases.

4. Keyword Displayed With Text LinksA keyword is only valuable if someone personally sees what you have searched for. So when you add words to draw in new visitors, visitors need to know which of your key phrases they have just visited to understand your offering. These then become ground acquired on your landing page. It is important to ensure your key words build to a relevant page content in your key word or phrases. Placing a clear link to the page using relevant words also increases your chances of securing your first Gets the purchase. (Hence its a good idea to limit what you are selling or offering to the page instead of its only on the home-page. Good for your analytics).

5. Keyword's Cost Per AcquisitionThis may be more of a negative than a positive simply because the demand will have to be more, so your keyword cost will reflect that. For instance if you have the word "do mysql programming" or "SQL" or "programming" then this keyword's cost will be higher than a number of easy or popular keywords. Phrases with less words therefore have a lower number of people searching for them, so you will end up paying more for these.

So you may need to make all your key phrases super targeted, please bear with me. Is this keyword in question or keyword term that is so narrow and specific that it does not even register with real internet business blog owners, people who are so specific about their business, this does not make much logical sense. Only a small percentage of internet business bloggers will reach out beyond the basic term and that's the selective nature of business owners i.e. Mavens.


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