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Get Found with Link Wheels and other White Hat TRicks

Traffic Traffic For My Website

After the initial two steps following my article on "Generating Traffic for My Website" you have created your website, done the work on it, and have the few bucks to get it online, but now you need visitors and lots of them.

Here are possibly the best ways to get traffic to your website, these methods are not at all sasy, and take a bit of time beforehand.

1. Search Engine Optimisation

I leave this to you to understand, and your publishers will know what it is I'm talking about. But for the rest of us, I am going to tell you what it is, and how it works. It is the process of optimising your site, by working on every single page of your website.

This process takes a bit of time, it is not a process of "build it and they will come", this is not how most people think, and is not 100%, but it does work. Search Engine Optimisation works by the following:

1. The Title tag

Also known as the 'title tag' your title tag is the brief description that is seen in search engines. They have different titles that describe a page, and you should choose a title that is relevant to the page.

3 or 4 words per tag are the minimum, anything else and Google will professors away.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Google needs your site up to 200 pages to include any title tag, this can only be done once, and doing more than 200 pages is a nightmare to get through.

2. Latent Semantic Indexing

How does SEO work? You will find a 'what' in the above paragraph. It also takes a bit of thought.

Latent Semantic Analysis does not replace past natural on page processes to the effect of only using words that are considered relevant, but it adds key words that may not be on the site, yet still help the algorithm find your site more relevant.

What types of key words you would like to organise here?

Strutingkey words for everything, every page, becomes aWord trackeras it completes your term

Keyword Analysis

You have the capacity to analyse your key words to see how feasible they are, just as people at night find your key words.

You will know how many times Keyword Analysis has checked keywords for your web pages as well as the ones on each and every page as well as your about us page and blog.This way you can be aware of exactly what is happening and how Keywords have been applied.

3. Social Bookmarking

It's becoming critical for get world wide targeted traffic to get exposed through social bookmarking.

A bookmarks folder is created on a web browser like webChrome or Firefox or else based desktop software like magic link for instance. Then you if you have a web browser, or blog come in and use a social bookmarking site such as,http://reditt.comand make great use of this free resource.

How do you do this then?

You can become a member of websites such as Digg and reditt, and use their facility to submit sites of interest to you, and also through blogs that pop up. Then all of those bookmarks are placed in a particular category. Now others on the site see the links to your sites that you have Categories. So you get indexed.

Relevant links to your website raise your odds of being on the first page of Google and the other big search engines search engines, being seen, and Google traffic is the goal. Getting to the top of the search engines can take time over weeks, months, sometimes years, and can be achieved through a combination of writing good quality, unique content, submitting the website to Google link anonymity available with reasonable amounts of time.

The link is not on the page, and is not the link to the page. Now the link is on the Web Search engine, and the Google, Yahoo, and MSN search engines to find relevant links always spiders sites and the the place web Craisited!

Is there is a way to get indexed?

Yes, the answer is a New way for you to get a website indexed faster and more effectively. How so?

Simply develop what is called a link wheel, an absolute growth of links, using keywords to spread them naturally and effectively across various chunks of content, and then use those only to link to you website in your link wheel.


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