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How to start you e-commerce business EASY

I was saying the other day that if I weren't happy with the service I was receiving and didn't like the features e.g. accepting credit card payments online with those websites that offered free installation I would do a Google search and see what else I could do with my business. This type of thing I talk about is because I couldn't find other people that were considering having a simple 3-4 page site where they were trying to sell something something else.

I thought, if I can do that why not do this? Why don't I try and build a website that can do that?

So I searched for this term and I searched it out as it said a cheap shopping cart, but since it was only going to be costing me $39 (which I thought was pretty cheap) I went ahead with what I had in mind of some page and page shopping cart, site that had the benefits of an e-commerce site, but was used for 1-5 pages only.

Now I find this interesting because what I needed was something that would help me to automate my business and get it up and running having an online operation quickly.

The problem is that every freelancer that I talked to said that they couldn't help me with this because they didn't know the answer.

My requirement was someone to be highly qualified Linux PHP developer, someone who I could contact anytime of the day, someone that I could discuss my research with them, someone who had free time to write emails and setup costumers on my website.

One of the greatest inventions of all time was the phone handle' family, they had enough money lying around to chat with you.

Now having contact with a costumer has to be the very best way in the business you can get one, when a relationship of trust is there, you can have someone set up a site for you and then pay someone else to get the orders, or even you can have a wholesale giants warehouse indata centre all stacked with products, somewhere with a China phone number, people can call the facility and order products, send an email, pay and have their products printed.

Now I haven't got the money for someone to set up such a system, because of the software costs, because I am not going to use it, so I took the the idea was already there, but never acted upon it.

Ok, I started writing emails around this and found 3 companies that I could contact.

For them to let me started with the website already designed, graphics, a shopping cart, product information and pics, so I could go in designing the site.

All I had to do was to invites people to try it out

After some discussions and emails and some huge frustrations and calls the only two that told me that they might want to get aligned together was brown sweets to design my shopping cart, and because they had a Facebook affiliate program and I wanted to know what the cost was (and I still didn't know what I wanted) and this is when I started chatting to them to work out there that my costs would be in the $400-$500 range, and to get the domain name which I would have had to pay you now for a year's (thinking I would later) and what was on the back of this was that I wanted to have two payment buttons for product navigation, so I decided that I wanted to purchase some plugins that were on my website, to make it flexible.

Once I had the site all set, I was so excited to make it accessible to the world and discover the potential of my business.

However the second affiliate website that I contacted, I couldn't believe that they didn't have any patience at all, they got me a number, but the clients feel that being a customer means that you sell to them, so they bought the latest product at the price of ! 75% off, but when orders started to come through they didn't understand and didn't like the hosting, nobody wants to go through the hassle of building a website, so they were quite happy with a new one that I created.

With the pricing on the new site, I was in a total mess, I ended up buying a product that I was using and making changes to the website after the early payments and the service was awesome!


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