How to start you e-commerce business EASY

I was saying the other day that if I weren't happy with the service I was receiving and didn't like the features e.g. accepting credit card payments online with those websites that offered free installation I would do a Google search and see what else I could do with my business. This type of thing I talk about is because I couldn't find other people that were considering having a simple 3-4 page site where they were trying to sell something something else.

I thought, if I can do that why not do this? Why don't I try and build a website that can do that?

So I searched for this term and I searched it out as it said a cheap shopping cart, but since it was only going to be costing me $39 (which I thought was pretty cheap) I went ahead with what I had in mind of some page and page shopping cart, site that had the benefits of an e-commerce site, but was used for 1-5 pages only.

Now I find this interesting because what I needed was something that would help me to automate my business and get it up and running having an online operation quickly.

The problem is that every freelancer that I talked to said that they couldn't help me with this because they didn't know the answer.

My requirement was someone to be highly qualified Linux PHP developer, someone who I could contact anytime of the day, someone that I could discuss my research with them, someone who had free time to write emails and setup costumers on my website.