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How to Use Web 2.0

Web 2.0 is a very generous platform that promises lots of different creative ideas and trends you need to utilize in your online creativity to use and master in order to make chances of making good earnings online. The most interesting thing about it is that you need not write it down and you can reuse it many times. In my case, I will employ it on many different websites and I never use it only once or twice. I will reuse it for a more solid and purposeful reason.

As with every good invention or invention, you should have a good idea when to use it. In this case, I recommend that you use it all the time! Online seminars are obviously good options, Definition of success has something to do with this. Remember that we are all pioneers and we are learning and struggling all the way.

So, what I have done first? Right now I am writing down some of the cool emoticons and autoresponders that I have found out. If there is any one else that you like, please think about it and leave a comment in the box below. I love to hear your thoughts, ideas and impressions. Let me know if you know or if you have one that you prefer.

If you are looking for cool emoticons, always remember to put care in creating them because you may never be able to get this image removed from your codes. Of course, you may replace the images yourself and without any licenses, that is more practical. Have fun!

I am sure that you will end up finding many cool emoticons without embedding ones that you have created. However, you may get the most commonly used and downloaded one FREE from A site

Here is one possible emoticon that you may like.

What would happen in your business if you had so much demands and requests that you had to come up with an answer for every request asked? Would you do it?

It would be a perfect sad experience for you maybe.

But, not in business world. In your life right now. I know that it is dream that you have but you will need to work to make it a reality. You can simply smile like you would smile on a smile. Blogging, money making, online business, work online jobs, writing home businesses and tons others.

Get you some pixels, play your favorite game, post a video, eat a Big Macintosh and more!

What is the first thing you know?

Oh oooh... know what I mean?

In my case, I also like changing moods and creating new photographs.

Online marketing may be a little harder than traditional marketing because the boundaries are not there. But here are other things that you can do:

to be more creative in doing online marketing, you can make use of





A good idea would be to put a picture that is of you, be a little romantic at anyone not you. You want to make it personal that you may need to create a close relationship with your prospective clients.

Add some music to your website. It may be the most boring thing on the face of the earth but it gets the point through.


Three major benefits of having one extension to your domain is one more quality domain.

The trick is all about the extension. If you only have one type for the website, it will be much harder for people to find your website. And by extension, your website will be much easier to handle. I recommend that you rather than the other extensions. Visitors to your website have your extension at the back of their mind.

If you used a free hosting provider to get your free website, there is a chance that you are using page not found errors or they might not come at all. By extension, this means that you will miss out on a good number of people.

I have also heard that there are a variety of extensions that members of commercial websites can use.

My recommendation is for you to get a basic domain and a hosting service, both for it's free. Later, you can add other extensions to it later. When I see that I can get more than seven domains with just one hosting package, I will come back and get a dream domain.


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