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Some practices that could hurt your FB algorithm

1-Joining lots of groups you can't engage in.

You only need a little number you can engage meaningfully with their contents and not those you will have to mute or keep ignoring notifications from them. ⁣

Also stay away from Markets groups where everyone goes to promote their stuffs especially those groups where people spam one another. You may also be marked spam⁣

2-Adding too much friends you have nothing in common with. You will keep skipping their posts and they won't also engage with yours.⁣

This will affect your reach as you will end up adding a bunch of inactive friends as many people will not see your post due to lack of engaments.⁣

3-Viewing story updates without reacting to any of them. ⁣

Reacting to stories also helps yours get noticed and increase your reach. That's why the reaction buttons were provided there. So, react and don't be a passive viewer.⁣

4- commenting without reacting is also not a good practice as the algorithm won't be able to register your interest on the post⁣

5. Using the like button too often. The like button doesn't prime the algo as much as the Love button. So use it the love button more.⁣

6- Posting too much in a day.

Don't Post anymore than 1-2 Posts per day and no closer than 4 hours apart otherwise they will compete against each other and people won't see them.

If you want to Post more then, Post in your Stories but don't go Posting a whole bunch as people don't have time to go through them all and most people won't even see them.⁣

7 Sharing posts on your your wall.⁣

Shared Posts hardly get any reach. You can add your own contribution to it to make it look like an original post.⁣

8. Sending messages to people who don't reply you often. You may be marked spam. ⁣

Also don't open a message if you are not ready to reply. People can remove you for this ghosting act.⁣

This article was contributed by Sodiq Olajide Ahmed.


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