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Understanding what SEO is

More and more internet users are using Google Instant to search. Usually users like to access the sites that are listed at the top of Google results. To accomplish this goal, you should improve your site ranking on Google.

In addition, great majority of the web users and visitors use different search methods like Google Instant to search. If the content on your page is not persuasive, they will not stay nor will they click to other pages. Hence, as a marketer, you should be aware of the difference between SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing).

Usually, most business people and website owners like to utilize the SEM techniques to make their website get listed at the top of Google. However, before employing these methods, you should be familiar with SEO.

SEO is a method by which you can use to get your site listed at the top of Google. Targeted traffic to your site is possible with this method.

If you are familiar with Google's SEO then you will be able to explain the specifications easily. But, if you are a beginner, it can be difficult to understand Google's specific requirements.

First, you should know that Google ranks pages not sites. It gives a great emphasis on high quality content. It also attempts to be like a library. It keeps aside unrelated material. That is why articles about travel, software and other topics are placed in the library. They are of great importance to the users. But, they should have a geographical characteristic. They should have titles and subheadings in order to make it easier for the users to look for the information. If you provide such information, users will find more information. That is why you should use keywords to help the users find the information they want.

Google has a feature which helps you know how your content should be formatted. With this feature, you can format the text as per requirement. You can format the content, image by holding selected tool tip and arrow keys. If the user clicks the image, it will be translated into HTML version. If the user hovers mouse pointer over the image, it will show the HTML version.

It is important for the users to get the desired information as quickly as possible. That is why Google Instant provides faster and more concise results. It is designed to show the most relevant results in a flash. If the user doesn't find the information in just seconds, he will give up. That is why Google Instant provides fastest and compressed information in a flash.

These factors make Google Instant a great tool for the users. Thus, the users can browse through the pages productively and they will get the information as soon as they need it. It is highly convenient and it is sure to improve the user experience in a positive way. Thus, the creators of this great tool have created a marketing tool which will provide faster and better results for the users.

Note that Google Instant only shows the results that are related to the current site. The search results that were displayed when the user was typing was done through Google's algorithm. The research engine begins scanning the worldwide web including all its web pages and all content of all websites and then Summits all the related information one by one in its database. It is designed to pick up the most relevant information first and then refine it. Thus, when the user types his query, it will give him the results that are most likely to satisfy his query.

Google Instant is another aspect of Google that gives the users a chance to refine their search and it also gives the chance to the users to Nos today's new features. It can provides results that are most likely to be used today and not the results of the last year or the year before. With these features, Google Instant provides you the chance to get smarter and to not be left behind.

Google Instant is another aspect of Google that gives the users the chance to quickly get the information they want by showing possible future posts of the topic they are searching for. It also provides the chance to jump to other users' answers and view their opinions on the topic. Google Instant also provides quick answers for other quick keywords or phrases to Pin the topic to be opened for future reference.

Google is continuously working to provide users with new and unique features and Google Instant is one of the latest innovative features that Google is offering to the users. This tool is currently available for Internet users in the US only. Google Instant is limited to three searches per screen and each search takes approximately five seconds to complete. You can check the current status of this tool on Google's webmaster tool.

This tool allows you to make direct links to your social networking sites on the search results page of Google. These links are termed as "Local", "Twitter", "Facebook" and "Linked In" links.


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