Why Most Marketers Suck

Happy New Year to everyone and thanks for tuning in. This article came to me as I had an epiphany. For the first time in my marketing career spanning more than 10 years, I have clients upgrading their services with my company and created an organic demand. I have worked for a company that brings in several million a year with a rotation of clients that cannot wait to get out of their contracts. What is the secret? Firstly it is not doing what everyone else is doing.

What is everyone else doing?

Google and Facebook Ads. They use Google and Facebook ads because it has prime targeting to the audience for your product or service, you control your budget and you can adjust your ads accordingly based on analytics. This all sounds really good right? The problem is millions of other people think so too. Because so many people are using these types of platforms the cost has gone through the roof and the company with the biggest ad budget usually wins. There are exceptions and niche markets but they are so scarce that I will not focus on that with this article. I want to help you in your role currently.

Another downside of this type of paid advertising is you have to do a lot of leg work to set it up properly or hire a marketer that will not be cheap- and rightfully so. Yourself or a marketer will have to setup a sales funnel for you usually consisting of several pages, offers and contact forms and it has to constantly be tweaked and optimized in conjunction with ads. More often than not, the cost to get setup and run advertisements for 6 months will not even yield a profit. Many marketing companies make you commit to a year contract because of this. Throughout my career I have also had to manage clients getting no returns and I took it personal, even if I was working under another company. I understand how they felt spending all this money on a marketing campaign to end with negative returns.

What I do to make profits in the first month

We do organic social media marketing as our main marketing services. I utilize the connections and people available for